Take Control & Unlock The Potential For A Long Healthy Life

We help you achieve a life-long health & fitness transformation through tailored training, personalized nutrition coaching, chef-curated meals, and a community of friendly, like-minded people.

Change starts within.

Self-care starts with the knowledge that how well we care for our bodies and minds can greatly affect our future.

No matter the challenges life throws at us, adapting to a lifestyle that gives us the best chance for a long, healthy life is best for us and for our families.

I work with people all over the bay area with common goals to save time, live longer, and burn fat to accomplish and maintain healthy living. Life is too short to be sick. It’s time to start living!

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Discover the pillars to a healthy life.

Be Ready

You’re ready to begin making small changes to prepare for a larger life change, but need guidance on how to start.

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Meet with a trainer who will learn more about you and your individual goals to develop an action plan leading to your success.

Achieve Success

Take action and truly transform your lifestyle to experience more energy, better digestion, deeper sleep, and a more balanced mood.

Not Sure If Plant-Based Transformation Is Right For You Or What Exactly To Expect?

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Schedule an online or in-person consultation with Gary and learn about the program and meal prep options. This is a life-changing transformation with true intent and purpose, so if you’re serious about change – we can promise change. If you’re looking for a trainer to commit to you outside of the gym – we can commit to caring for your journey every step of the way.

Our consultation fee is $50 and is applied towards your first month of training. This is the time to take action and change your path for good. Everyone has an individual reason for wanting to live a longer, healthier life. Because you matter, we want to help you meet those goals.