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Unlock The Potential For A Long Healthy Life

Plant Based Fitness For Life-Long Health & Fitness Transformation

Change Starts Within

Self-care starts with the knowledge that how well we care for our bodies and minds can greatly affect our future. No matter the challenges life throws at us, adapting to a lifestyle that gives us the best chance for a long, healthy life is best for us and for our families.

I work with people all over the bay area with common goals to save time, live longer, and burn fat to accomplish and maintain healthy living. Life is too short to be sick. It’s time to start living!

Book a consultation today and learn how you can energize your life and revolutionize your health.

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How Plant Based Fitness Helps Others Be Successful In Life

Modeling healthy behavior is crucial to us at Plant Based Fitness. We don’t just train our clients through a workout routine and send them home. We don’t just sell meals and wait for their return to buy more.

Our goals at Plant Based Fitness are to teach our clients lifestyle changes that impact and transform and can be managed and maintained for life.

The Plant Based Fitness Method

For 6 years, Plant Based Fitness has helped more than 1,000 people change their lives through proper nutrition and fitness training.

Our clients trust our team to deliver results using our core principles:


Learn my strategies to help you control your mindset and your environment


Learn my strategies to help you control your mindset and your environment


Complete self-exploration exercises that help you unlock the ‘why’ behind your habit growth.


Make your habits stick for good with tools that keep you on track.


My family history proved lifestyle choices lead to a shorter lifespan. I needed to change for myself, and teaching this impactful change became my life. Plant Based Fitness focuses on fat burning weight loss through transformational changes.



I opened Plant Based Fitness as a way to introduce this lifestyle change with the goal of empowering clients up with the knowledge and skills to eat well, eat for life, and the principles of body movement that evoke change. I teach each client how to create this healthy lifestyle and how to fit it into their busy lives.  


Plant Based Fitness is steeped in the dream of helping others succeed on their journey to weight loss, healthy bodies, and longer, more fulfilling lives. Our Transformation Studio is here to guide the way and supply the right foods and knowledge to reach the desired long-term success.


Simple Habits

107 minutes of premium course content.

Create A Healthy Lifestyle With A Plant Based Fitness Mindset

Plant Based Fitness cares. We are in this business to help people. We believe fad diets are setups for failure & quick fixes allow for follow-up weight gain. We teach our clients how to live a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable, enjoyable, and not restricting. The eating and fitness habits you will learn from us will last a lifetime.

Fitness and Nutrition Solutions

Too many of us stress over health matters. This stress can be overwhelming and stop us in our tracks. With fads & gimmicks around every corner, it’s all too easy to fall into a trap of overspending - time & money - and getting nowhere fast. Plant Based Fitness stands firm in the belief that our wealth lies in our health. When we invest in solution-based health routines and habits, our return pays off in added years of great living, doing what we love with the people we love - for longer.


Our core message to our clients is we care about you. We care about you while you are with us and when you’re away from us. Our fitness and nutritional meal plans give you the tools to succeed no matter the challenges you face. Our coaching style allows room for support and growth as you learn just how Plant Based Fitness is as much self-care as it is a lifestyle.

Get lifetime access to Plant Based Fitness

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The Plant-Based Fitness Way
Healthy Nutrition & Lifelong Success


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  • Nutrition Consultation
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  • Online Training
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Schedule A Consultation

Not sure if plant-based transformation is right for you or what exactly to expect?

Schedule an online or in-person consultation with Gary and learn about the program and meal prep options.
This is a life-changing transformation with true intent and purpose, so if you’re serious about change – we can promise change. If you’re looking for a trainer to commit to you outside of the gym – we can commit to caring for your journey every step of the way.

Our consultation fee is $30 and is applied toward tour first month of training. This is the time to tack action and change your path for good. Everyone has an individual reason for wanting to live a longer, healthier life. Because you matter, we want to help you meet those goals.

Get Fit, Stay Fit.
Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy


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