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Game Changer: The Miracle Morning


How many times have you “woken up on the wrong side of the bed?” These groggy, unproductive, and messy mornings are usually the result of poor planning or a lack of a solid morning routine.

Morning routines not only instill a sense of purpose, peace, and ritual into your day, but they ensure that you’re getting your goals accomplished and give you a solid foundation for whatever the day throws at you.

We all wake up with a blank slate — a chance to have an awesome and productive day, and having a steady ritual will set you on this path.

Here’s what you gotta do:


Execute each stage of the Miracle Morning Formula before you begin a day.


Snap a photo of your Miracle Morning Activity and post it to the Facebook Group

That’s It!

Here are some tips to prepare for the Miracle Morning:


Find some relaxing/meditation music on Youtube. You can even look for a “Guided Meditation” — do this the night before so that you would have already found something you like.


Google search or Youtube search “Affirmations” you can even search for “Money Affirmations” “Health Affirmations” whatever you seek to manifest into your life. This will give you a list of affirmations to read to yourself. The ones that speak most to you, write them down.. memorize them… keep them close to you all day.


Dig deep inside of you to find what your “Ideal Day” would be like… Visualize what your ideal day at work would be like… see yourself smiling and having fun… Visualize yourself at the gym, building a better body,  and see yourself being a light to all you encounter.


 This doesn’t have to be a major thing… the point is to get your blood flowing to wake you up and get your HYPED for your day. Jumping jacks are my favorite way to get blood flowing. You may also jog in place or take a brisk walk around your apartment complex or neighborhood. The idea here is to keep it simple.. we don’t always have the hours to do an extended Miracle Morning. Committing just 5-7 minutes for each activity is great.


 Select a book you’ve had but never read.. or one that you are already reading… the key is that this is an uplifting read. One good read is “THINK AND GROW FIT” BY Jose Silva You may also start by reading inspirational quotes or Audiobooks.

“Rise up, start fresh see the bright opportunity in each day”

Here’s to a turbocharged Week 4!