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Getting Started: Warm-Up

Warming up is the best way to prepare your body for movement and prevent injury. It is also just as important as the strength and cardio conditioning portions of your daily workouts.

Don’t be intimidated by this warm-up. This is the time for you to release from the the day and get yourself in the zone of taking care of you first. 

Perform this active warm-up before each workout. This should take no longer than 10 minutes. 

Find a 20 foot stretch to do the following movements down the stretch and back.

1. Knee Pulls

2. Lunge and Reach (if you cannot fully reach the ground place your hands on your knees instead). Tips: Do not let your knee come over your toes. If you find yourself doing lots of readjusting, you probably need to step out further. Keep your back leg fully extended (no bent knee in the back).

3. High Knees (or marches)

4. Butt Kicks (or at your pace)

5. Side Shuffles (toes pointing forward, knees not over toes, abstain from bobbing your head up and down)

6. Frankensteins (focus on the stretch of your hamstring and not on how high you can kick)

7. Scorpions lying on Stomach (bend at the knee and lift hips off ground to reach your foot to the other side of your body) Alternate sides, completing 10 sets on each.

8. Scorpions lying on Back (bring a straight leg across your body to tap alternate side of ground). Alternate sides, completing 10 sets on each.

Keep your inactive leg as straight on the ground as possible while doing Scorpions.