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Getting Started: Weekly Playbook


Now that you have completed the tasks on your Getting Started Checklist, it is time to cover what each week will look like and what actions you are expected to complete on a weekly and daily basis. 

Weekly Overview:

Living well is more than exercising This is why your program will not only consist of 5 workouts per week to strengthen your body, but will also include elements to strengthen your mind and spirit.

Weekly Growth Modules

Mindset Mastery

Nutrition Accelerator 

M/W/F – 30 Minute BYOB (Bring Your Own Body) Training

Build strength, burn fat, and boost your metabolism from home with workouts guided by me! My workout philosophy doesn’t get  caught up in the hype of fancy “different every time” routines. We are sticking to the basics, getting them right, and getting results. 

You will be provided with one full body workout routine each week and are to complete this routine on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

Completing the same routine will give you confidence in your ability to perform the moves, help you gauge your progress, and keep things simple… meaning you are more likely to stick to it!

T/Th – 20 Minute Cardio of Choice

Think INTERVALS. The idea behind your weekly cardio routines is that they are performed in intervals of time. 

Every cardio routine you do will be for a total of 20 minutes. This will be a good time to use your interval timer app.

Set your app for 60 seconds of work and 60 seconds of rest. Have this cycle repeat 10 times. Then choose one of the following activity combinations.

  • Jump Rope/Rest
  • Stairs/Rest
  • Jog/Walk
  • Jumping Jacks/Rest
  • High Knees In Place/Rest

Weekends are for Recovery

Weekends are designed to recovery, this is the time that you will be shopping for the next week of groceries, attending your “Locker Room” team call, and completing your weekly weigh-in.

The weekend is NOT a recovery from your meal plan. You are expected to follow the meal plan every day (which we will be covering in the following module.


Think about your schedule.. work, school, kids, etc.

Now, create your fitness schedule. Success doesn’t just happen. We must plan for it.

Decide what time you will work out each day and put into your phone calendar or alarm.

Then, stick to it! Day by day, follow your plan of action. 

Snap a photo of your workout schedule and post it to the Facebook Group

Attached is your Daily Playbook along with your Weekly Checklist. Use these tools to guide your weekly activity and to begin living your best life!