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Mindset Mastery: Affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful tool to reprogram your brain. 

Anything you desire in life can be achieved, so long as you believe. 

And beliefs are merely thoughts we think over and over. 

So if this is the case, why not train our minds to believe that we are achieving our deepest desires. 

Ever heard of the phrase “fake it til you make it?”, well it’s not too far from the truth when it comes to creating our own reality. 

We must first FEEL the reality we seek inside of us before it materializes, and one of the ways to do this is through repetition of positive affirmations.


Starting with the words “I AM” create 10 Personal Affirmations that reflect your ideal state of health, wealth, and happiness. 

Share them in the group in the form of a video or just type them into a post. 

Say them to yourself every morning and when you begin to feel discouraged or worried.