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Welcome to the Course

You want to eat cleaner, get a little healthier, maybe drop a few pant sizes and so you need a place to start. You are smart to recognize the dietary component of getting healthy.

No matter how many pushups you can do, to be your healthiest, most vibrant self, you need to eat right. But what does that mean?

That means getting all the nutrients your body requires for best functioning while cutting out the stuff that isn’t serving you.

This doesn’t mean starving yourself, in fact by the time you eat adequate amounts of fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes to meet your nutrient requirements, there is little room left for chips and ice-cream.

If it were that easy, everyone would be healthy and obesity, diabetes, and heart disease wouldn’t exist. I am here to tell you that it isn’t easy, however, it is easier. It’s easier to learn the proper way of eating now than to get heart disease down the road, or gain 50 stubborn pounds that you struggle to lose for years.

That’s where this program comes in. This 6 weeks of goals, recipes, and motivation, will help transition you to eating better so that it does seem easy and doable! Let’s begin with the most important skill you will need as a healthy consumer.